Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Truffle Orders

The Season is upon us! Merry Christmas everyone! Sweet Cakes is accepting local orders for Christmas truffles through Tuesday, December 20th. Truffles make great stocking stuffers for anyone, or a delicious gift all wrapped up! Truffle orders come in quantities of 4, 10, or 20.

4 Truffles = $8.00* plus tax

10 Truffles = $17.50* plus tax

20 Truffles = $26.00* plus tax

Truffles that are ordered and needed to be shipped for Christmas...Last Day to order is December 13th, to ensure delivery for Christmas. Shipping rates range from $8 up to $16 per order, depending on size. So hurry and get your order in so your friends and family can enjoy their Christmas Truffles!

*Regular flavors i.e. chocolate, red velvet, white, yellow, confetti.
**Specialty flavors to include hint o' mint, peanut butter chocolate, chocolate caramel, pumpkin spice. Specialty flavors are $1.75 per truffle.